6 Ways to Save Money During Pregnancy

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Having a baby is expensive.  There are hospital bills, check-up costs, all the things the baby needs, and when you throw in all the things Mom needs during the pregnancy, it can be outrageous!  So here are six easy ways to save money during pregnancy!


1. Skip the non-essentials:
    Prenatal vitamins: essential.  Pregnancy pops: non-essential.

    Maternity clothing: essential.  NEW maternity clothing: non-essential.  
    Pillows: essential.  Fancy maternity pillow: non-essential.  
Okay, so maybe you could get by without prenatals, maternity clothing or pillows, but not comfortably.  Just know that when you walk through Babies-R-Us, you’re going to see TONS of stuff out there advertised for pregnant women and MOST of it is non-essential.  Just skip it unless you absolutely need it!  
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2.  Maternity clothing:  I don’t think I bought one item of maternity clothing new.  I was able to shop garage sales and consignment sales to find lots of used maternity clothing in great condition!  Many women now are having only one or two children and only wear their maternity clothes the last half of their pregnancy, so the clothes are in great shape!

3.  Cravings:  Be prepared for cravings before they happen.  Have a variety of foods in your house ranging from sweet to salty, from red meats to green vegetables.  If you’re prepared, you’re likely to save money just by running to your fridge in the middle of the night rather than running to the store in the middle of the night.  And remember, a lot of cravings can be satisfied (or at least subdued) with a substitute.  When craving Cheetos, I could get by with popcorn because it was really the salt that my body needed.  If I was craving chocolate, there are times when a glass of milk will do because it’s the dairy that is needed.  This doesn’t always work, but usually, it’ll hold you off until morning at least!

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4.  Morning sickness remedies:  Peppermint essential oil is one of the things that was recommended to me at the height of morning sickness.  Do you know that cost of that stuff??  I’m sure it is really, really great, but it just wasn’t in the budget to run out and buy a bottle…at least not a high quality bottle!  But you know what did work for me?  Life Saver mints.  Specifically the Wint-O-Green flavored ones.  They’re super cheap and one or two bags can last through most of the morning sickness weeks.   Find alternatives to the expensive items.  There are plenty of cheap or free ways to subdue morning sickness, but there are also lots of people out there trying to make money off of sick mamas.

5.  Medications:  I try to steer clear of medications during pregnancy, but there are a few things I do take.  Tums or Rolaids for heartburn, Unisom for nausea, and of course, vitamins.  How do you save on those?  Use coupons!  Often, there will be coupons online for these items.  I found the off brand Unisom at K-Mart buy one get one free!  Look for the deals and snatch these items up when they’re on sale rather than waiting until out can’t live without them and paying full price.

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6.  Registry:  This may seem silly since your registry items are paid for by other people, but let me give you a hint.  Even if this is your first baby, don’t go overboard.  It’s simple math.  If you have a $300 stroller on your registry, it’ll take six people spending $50 each to buy it for you.  If instead, you go for the $100 stroller it only takes two people and the other four can buy you other things you need.  Even better, if you pick up a $30 stroller at a garage sale, all six of those people can buy things you really need off your registry!

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A Bonus registry tip, DON’T REGISTER FOR CLOTHING!!!  Okay, so maybe a few favorites, but for the most part, leave it off.  Why?  There are two reasons.  1) When you register, it might be mid-pregnancy.  People will shop for you closer to your shower which will be late-pregnancy.  There’s a very good chance those clothes won’t even be available and you’ll have wasted your time.  2) People will buy you clothes anyway and you’ll end up with WAY more than you need!  I’ve heard so many people say that they didn’t even take the tags off some of the newborn clothes because the baby grew faster than they could wear the clothes.  People can’t resist buying cute baby clothes.  So don’t ask for extras or you’ll likely end up with way too many!

I hope these six tips help you save a little during the months while waiting for your baby to arrive.  Pregnancy should be a fun, exciting time…not a time when you’re worrying about where the money for your next box of pregnancy pops is coming from!  Congratulations on your new little one and may God bless you through this journey!

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  1. One thing about registries: Often they send you a coupon code for a discount on anything that has not been purchased off of the registry. So I registered for lots of varying sizes of diapers and lots of wipes. Once I got the coupon code (after your due date), I could stock up on those things at a discount.

  2. Great list! and I have to add trading items with friends & family (say you are having a girl, you already have a boy & they are having a boy, etc. etc.) We’re on our fifth and we have barely had to spend any money this pregnancy just by looking around for second hand goodies, and what people are willing to trade or part with 🙂

    • Trading is a great idea! My sister is also expecting and I was hoping she’d have a girl so we could do some trading, but she’s having another boy, so it didn’t work out this time. Definitely worth looking for though!

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