What to Wear During Labor: Round Two

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Two and a half years ago, I posted my first blog about what to wear during labor.  I LOVED laboring in something other than a hospital gown!  The only problem was, the shirt and skirt (which were both pretty soiled after labor and delivery) got stuffed in a bag after delivery and by the time I got home, there was no way I was opening that bag.  Thank goodness for thrift stores!  The outfit hadn’t cost much at all, so I just tossed it.

Well, yesterday, I went on a search for a new labor outfit!  It was a little harder this time because I really like the sleeveless, summery things to wear during labor and they’re just not in the thrift stores this time of year.  Here’s what I ended up with.

Did you know you don't HAVE to labor in an uncomfortable hospital gown?  You can wear your own clothes that you feel comfortable in!  Here's what I wore during my last labor.  | candleinthenight.com

Sorry for the selfie…Brian’s at work and I wanted to share these outfits before I went into labor.

The skirt is a large non-maternity skirt.  It’s nice and stretchy and pretty wide at the bottom.  It’s also long enough that if I get cold, I can put on long socks and have my legs be covered.  On top, I’m wearing a white undershirt.  I’m still hoping to find something else in a thrift store if I have time because it’s a little snug and I’m not sure I’ll be okay with that during labor.  I’d rather have something loose.  I do love the little sweater though and will make sure it doesn’t get discarded after this birth!  I figured it’d be nice for if I do get chilly, but can be easily removed for hot flashes that often come during labor.

I also thought I’d go ahead and do my hair as I plan to do it on “labor day”.  I haven’t done this with my last two, but I love having my hair in french braids, so when I hit early labor, I’m going to braid it to keep it back and neat.  If I don’t have time, I suppose I’ll just stick it up in a Lilla Rose clip though!

So what about you?  What do you wear during labor?  If you go to the hospital to have your babies, did you even know there was an option?

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  1. how smart you are to plan all this out! the thrift store finds are a brilliant idea. I always braided my hair during labor too. best way to keep it out of the way and off my neck.
    You look adorable! Much like my daughter, who’s expecting her first any day now. So exciting!

  2. I wore the gown with my first, a skirt and one of hubby’s t-shirt with my second and nothing with my last. He was a waterbirth at a hospital with just hubby, my mom and midwife in the room. I had a swim top and a tank top with me but things progressed to pushing fast enough that I didn’t put them on.

    • Lol! Yeah, sometimes things happen and you just wear whatever you have…even if it’s nothing. 🙂 I had actually planned on removing my skirt to push M out, but that didn’t happen. She came in a hurry!

  3. I had no idea that they would let you wear your own clothes in the hospital. I am curious how that would work with the IV, especially the sweater. I did pick out my “going home” outfit though.

    • Well, I don’t keep the IV in…just the hep-lock, but if I remember right, it was in my lower arm anyway and the sweater has short enough sleeves that it wouldn’t be a problem. I also paid much more attention to what I wore my second time around the rest of the time I was in the hospital. I hated all the pictures of me and H when I was in the hospital gown!

  4. I wore maternity jeans with a very loose belly during the entire first day of my birthing time… I know, that seems weird, but I’m most comfortable in jeans! When I got to the hospital, I changed into maternity capris yoga pants that are actually several sizes too big. I wore those the rest of the time. I wore maternity t-shirts both days, and I made sure I was wearing my favorite nursing bra for birth. I’m most comfortable when my breasts are supported, and I also wanted to not be completely topless for immediately-after-birth photos. I LOVED having it in my birthing plan that I was going to wear whatever I pleased at the hospital!! And I was so happy to not have a hospital gown in any photos. My birth t-shirt was a nice, complimentary color that makes my photos look cheery. Comfy AND cute!

    • Good for you! I also love having it as part of my birth plan that I’ll wear my own clothes. I think it’s important for people to know that the hospital really can’t MAKE you wear anything. And usually, as long as you’re respectful and still allow them to access your belly to check your baby, you can wear whatever you’re most comfortable wearing!

  5. Three BIG FAT CHEERS! With my last baby (now 19m old) I wore a maternity yoga skirt and a nursing sleep bra. I told the folks there that I was ABSOLUTELY NOT getting into those gowns that choke me — the neck line is ‘off’ for me.

    My belly was exposed for tocometers, and if they wanted to do cervical checks, they could just lift the skirt out of the way. It worked wonderful for me. I’m not sure if I’m going that route this time around (in 10 weeks!), b/c I’m COLD all the time. We shall see. 🙂

    Prayers for you –healthy momma, healthy baby! (found you on the IBN group!)

    • Thanks for coming by, Dianna!

      The neck lines—yes!! I forgot how horrible they were! Congratulations, by the way! Maybe you’ll be warm enough to wear what’s most comfortable for you by the time baby comes. 🙂

  6. During my vaginal birth, I wore nothing! haha. I did not want a stitch of clothes on me! For my c-sections, I wore the hospital gown, but the next day I wore those nightgowns sold at Walmart that can be buttoned down in the front… super comfy and feminine.

    • That’s funny! I know LOTS of women lose all modesty during birth, but I haven’t during either of my births until the very end–pushing. Until then, I like to be at least mostly covered. 🙂

      • I had back labor and was in complete la-la land for most of the 30 hours. I had to go a doctor to get stitched up because of a bad shoulder dystocia and I remember laying there getting stitched up by the doc and his assistant thinking, “There goes every single bit of modesty I’ve ever had.” It was good prep for my 3 c-sections because there is like 15 people in the OR seeing you in your birthday suit… 🙂

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