Cloth Diaper Review: Uno’s Hiney Huggers

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Over the past couple weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of trying out one of the softest, squishiest diapers I’ve ever put on my baby’s bum!  My new Uno’s Hiney Huggers diaper is definitely a new favorite in my stash!

Cloth Diaper Review |

Sara Juno, owner of Uno’s Hiney Huggers, gave me the opportunity to try out and review this diaper.  I’ve been putting it on Baby D for the past couple weeks and wanted to let you all know how I like it.  First, a little bit about this diaper.

Sara offers a few different types of diapers in her Etsy store.  This one is a hybrid which I was interested in trying since I’ve never tried a hybrid before.  I’ve used prefolds, fitteds, and pockets, but this is my first hybrid.  It has a cute, cotton knit outer layer, a hidden WindPro layer, and the side next to baby’s skin is a super soft cotton velour.  The soaker is cotton velour with zorb and hemp fleece.

This diaper is so squishy!!  I love having the cotton velour next to baby’s skin.  It make it feel like a luxury diaper.

Cloth Diaper Review |

Being a hybrid with the hidden WindPro, it is also very absorbent.  I was able to leave the diaper on Baby D for three or four hours with no cover and no leaks.  The snaps held firm and were easy to snap.

This diaper is a one-size and although this particular diaper doesn’t say the size of baby it’ll fit, the other diapers in the store say they’ll fit babies 9-35 pounds.  Baby D is 16 pounds right now and it fits snugly around his waist and legs with the rise folded down on a snug snap setting.  The diaper does look HUGE on him, but it doesn’t bother me and doesn’t seem to bother him.

Cloth Diaper Review |

Cloth Diaper Review |

I only found one negative thing about this diaper and that is that the stitching isn’t always perfect.  It doesn’t effect the diaper at all, it just makes it look a little less than *perfect*.  You can see it in this picture.  Cloth Diaper Review |

This diaper is $20, but with the coupon code, ReaderLuv, you can get anything at Uno’s Hiney Huggers for 20% off of a $15+ purchase!

Go have a look and see what all Uno’s Hiney Huggers has to offer!

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