A Letter to the Weary Mama

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Dear Weary Mama,

As I sit here nursing my little one with my other two close by, awake when they should be sleeping, I’m thinking of someone besides myself for a change. I’m thinking of you.


I want you to know today that I feel your pain. See, I’m a weary mama too. The nights are long and the nap times are short. Your patience is constantly out to lunch. You feel like if you have to do one more load of laundry, pick up one more bit of dried food from the floor, or sit through one more episode of Veggie Tales, you might explode. Your mind longs to be challenged. You miss the company of adults more than you care to express. You feel lost in this thing called motherhood that is supposed to come so naturally.

Weary mama, take one more sip of coffee and then listen up because I’ve got good news for you. Ready?

I believe that you were made for this.

A Letter to a Weary Mama

You Weren’t Made to be Weary

It’s really that simple. You are strong.  You are enough. You are the perfect mother for your child. God did not give you the children He did by accident. He gave them to you for a purpose.

Here’s the second bit of good news. You can find joy in all this. Beyond the weariness, beyond the chaos, beyond the messes and the whining and the poopy diapers, you can find joy.

So are you ready? Let’s do this together. Let’s discover your purpose and find joy along the way.

What is coming up over the next few weeks and months on this blog is going to be  about exactly that–finding our purpose and joy in our everyday existence. I need this and I believe you need it too. So won’t you join me? I need your encouragement just as much as you need mine. When I ask for suggestions or for you to share your story, I am asking from my heart because I need your answer. I hope you’ll be there along the way.

Your friend,



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  1. What a fantastic and encouraging post! I am definitely weary at times, but at the end o the day, it is all worth it 🙂 Pinning!

  2. This sounds like a wonderful journey. Thank you for the words of encouragement. I’m sure you’ve watched Moms Night Out yet?


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