Make a Scarecrow to Scare the Crows — and a Confession

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Okay, so this scarecrow probably won’t scare any crows.  But it’s fun anyway and does look a bit scary!  So now for the confession.  I did not do this craft with my girls.  We went to MOPS this morning and when they came home with these paper bag scarecrows, I had an epiphany.  It was…ready…?  I don’t have to make a craft today!!!  I don’t have to get paint on the floor, glue on the table, or pull the scissors out of their hiding place!  I can totally use this!  The girls learned to make a scarecrow at MOPS and that’s good enough for me!!  

So I didn’t.  But I still got glue on the table because H’s scarecrow was backwards.  We had to refold the bag and tear the eyes off and glue them to the other side.  And one of M’s scarecrow’s umm…eyes? fell off, so we had to fix that too.  Do I feel bad about not doing an extra craft with the girls today?  Nope!  So here ya go!  How to make a scarecrow.

(Note: I probably would not have called these scarecrows had I not been told.  But that’s one neat thing about kids.  You tell them it is something and it is.  You could tell your child you were making scarecrows or kittens or snowmen, give them these materials, and they’d believe you.)

Oh, one more cute thing.  H informed me that scarecrows scare crows.  Lol!

Learn to make a scarecrow from a paper bag and hear my confession...  |

Not gonna lie.  These guys might not scare crows, but they scare me a little.  I mean, look at those angry eyes!

How to Make a Scarecrow out of a Paper Bag

Preparation time: None (Unless you still have to make the colored pasta.  Then, it take about 4.5 hours to prepare.)
Project time: ~20 minutes
Project cost: $$ Medium
Parental involvement: Low
Inspiration: Make a Paper Bag Scarecrow from Dollar Store Mom (Okay, so ours look nothing like hers, but if I were to do this at home, this link would have been my inspiration!)


  • Paper sack
  • Beans
  • Jewels
  • Colored Pasta
  • Pom poms
  • Crayons
  • Glue

Preparation instructions:

  • None!

Step by step instructions:

  • Give your child the paper bag (preferable the right direction so you don’t have to tear the eyes off and re-glue them later) and demonstrate where the eyes, nose, and mouth could go so the puppet will be able to “talk”.
  • Let them go!  This is a great craft for letting them just be creative an have fun!

Learn to make a scarecrow from a paper bag and hear my confession...  |

If you decide to do this project, be sure to come back and tell me about it!  Take pictures and share them on my Facebook sharing post!  I’d love to see what you and your little ones are making together!

This post is part of my 31 Days of Easy Crafts for Kids series.  Be sure to check out the rest of the crafts I’m doing this month!

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  1. Haha! How cute! I’ll bet if H stood in a field with that scarecrow on her hand and swung it around a little the crows would be VERY AFRAID! LOL!

    I would probably have added a little straw into the mix to make it more official. Crows are scared of straw! But it’s great the way it is!!

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