Must Have Craft Supplies for a Kid’s Craft Kit

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We’ve been talking about making crafts with your kids and I’ve included supply lists each day.  Are there any supplies you would have to go out and buy on those lists?  If you answered yes, you don’t have a fully stocked craft kit!  To help you out I’ve put together a list of must have craft supplies.  None of these are very expensive, nor do they take up much space.  Having them on hand will help you aid your child in their creativity whenever you get a few minutes of craft time together.  I’m also including a list of “extras” that I like to have around.  Get them if you’d like, but they’re not ESSENTIAL.

Do you struggle to get creative with your kids? You need a craft kit! This is a great list of must have craft supplies for your kids craft kit! |


Must Have Craft Supplies

  • Glue: I like white Elmer’s glue although the blue gel or even glue sticks work fine for most projects.

  • Construction Paper: Have a pack of multi-colored construction paper at all times!  This is great for cutting, gluing, and coloring.  It’s the best!
  • Markers: WASHABLE markers are what you want.  They work great and wash out of clothes and off of skin easily.  They even make Ultra Clean washable markers now to be SURE you can get that marker out!

  • Paints: I love using acrylic paints for crafts that are going to be on display.  They just seem to hold up better.  But for most kids projects, tempera paints work great.  If you’re on a tight budget, just get the primary colors, black, and white.  You can make all the other colors from those.

  • Crayons: A simple box of crayons is great.  A big box with 64 crayons is even better.  Who doesn’t love a new box of crayons?
  • Scissors: Blunt tip scissors are great for kids who are just learning to cut.  Don’t bother with the ones that are supposed to spring open to help the child cut.  My girls hated those and they were harder for me to use than regular scissors.

  • Googly Eyes: Just a small package goes a long way, but they really make a basic project great!
  • Glitter: SO. MUCH. FUN.  Glitter is the best!  I like to use it in a very supervised environment or outside just so there isn’t too big of a mess, but kids (and kids at heart) love glitter!

  • White Copy Paper: Great for painting, cutting, gluing, coloring…everything!
  • Paper Plates: These are great for making animals, masks, and all sorts of other things!  Pick up a pack of cheap plates.  They don’t have to be fancy to work great for crafts. USA, LLC

Extra Craft Supplies for a Fully Stocked Craft Kit

  • Pipe Cleaners: We use these a LOT.  The girls make jewelry out of them, string beads on them, add them to “animals” for arms and legs, etc.  They’re cheap and great to have in your kit.

  • Yarn: Pick a color, any color.  Or even better, pick a skein that has multiple colors.  During free crafting time, H (4 years) loves cutting yarn and making stuff.
  • Masking Tape: Masking tape works well for just about anything.  If you want things to stick, but don’t want the mess of glue, masking tape is what you need.
  • Rubber Bands: Get rubber bands of all different sizes and thickness for your child to use in their crafts.
  • Popsicle Sticks: These come in both colored and natural.  Get both!  They’re great for all kinds of different crafts!

  • Coffee Filters: These are so much fun to draw on, paint on, or cut to make snowflakes.  A definite cheap item to put in your craft kit!
  • Paper Bags: Puppets are the most popular things to make with paper bags, but they can be used for many other projects as well.
  • Pom Poms: Get a bag of assorted colors and sizes.  Kids love these and they’re lots of fun for crafting.

  • Clothespins: We don’t actually use these much yet, but I’ve seen lots of great crafts that use them, so they’re a good thing to have in your kit.
  • Tissue Paper: This is great for making “stained glass windows”, gluing to paper, making flowers, and more!
  • Felt: Good for projects where you need a sturdy fabric.  It’s also easy to cut and glue if your child isn’t ready to sew.
  • Fabric: Not just for sewing, fabric is fun for kids to cut, glue, tape, or whatever!  Use scraps you have laying around or get a scrap from the remnant table.
  • Watercolors: Simple school watercolors are just fine.  We only get these out once in a while, but when we do, the girls are thrilled!

  • Glitter Glue: We used this for the first time in our Rocket Craft.  It wasn’t great because it’s pretty hard to squeeze, but for older kids, it’d be great fun!
  • Pony Beads: Beads are amazing.  Kids think they’re the best thing ever.  Oh, and they’re pretty cheap.

  • Ribbon: Scraps of ribbon work best because then your child has lots of colors to choose from!
  • Craft Foam: This stuff is great for longer-lasting projects.  Cut it, glue it, color it with markers…

  • Play Doh: You don’t usually think of play doh as a craft supply, but you can use it as clay and make all kinds of things!  Make a boat with a straw mast and fabric sail or a bear with pipe cleaner arms…  The possibilities are endless!
  • Feathers: Feathers are lots of fun!  I wouldn’t use them too often because they’re not the cheapest supply item, but they’re nice for some projects.
  • Contact Paper: Great for laminating pictures and pressing flowers, contact paper is a great thing to have in your supply box.
  • Sequins: Less mess than glitter, but still plenty sparkly!
  • Straws: These make great arms, legs, and even beads!

If you’re looking to buy several of these craft items, this are both great starter kits!

The best thing about all these supplies…you can find them all at Walmart!  Pick up a container to hold it all and you’re set!  Let your kids at it and get creative together!  See you tomorrow for the next craft project!

This post is part of my 31 Days of Easy Crafts for Kids series.  Be sure to check out the rest of the crafts I’m doing this month!

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  1. Forget KIDS craft kit, I would have fun with this kit xD LOL!

  2. Love all these awesome suggestions! Makes me inspired to get crafty with my kids 🙂

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