11 Fun Space Crafts for Kids

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Today, I’m giving you options!  I’ve rounded up 10 of my favorite space crafts for kids and I’m showing you the one we chose to do.  I picked this craft for the girls because it uses a variety of skills from cutting to gluing to spelling their names.  Oh, and it’s just cute!

10 Space Crafts for Kids.  This one is easy and uses at least five forms of fine motor skill practice!  And it SUPER easy to prepare!  | candleinthenight.com

Rocket Ship Craft for Kids

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Project time: ~45 minutes
Project cost: $$ medium
Parental involvement: Medium
Inspiration: Name Rocket Space Craft at Preschool Crafts for Kids


  • Construction paper in a variety of colors (one should be black for the background)
  • Sharpie or kids’ marker
  • Glitter glue
  • Star stickers
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Preparation instructions:

  • Create a rocket ship of your own as a demonstration.  I highly recommend this, because if your child can see an example, they will be able to then make theirs on their own and YOU will be less likely to jump in and correct them if they aren’t making theirs “perfect”.
  • If your child struggles with cutting, cut out the squares and triangles for them.
  • If your child isn’t writing, write their name on the squares.

Step by step instructions:

  • Have your child cut out squares from a variety of colored construction paper pages.
  • Have your child write their name on the squares, one letter per square.
  • Have your child glue their name on the paper with the letters in order and glue the triangle on the top of the rocket.
  • Give your child a sheet of star stickers and let them have at it!  This was M’s favorite part.  🙂
  • Let your child use the glitter glue to make the rocket “streams”.  I had to help a lot with this part because our glitter glue was kind of old and really hard to squeeze out.

10 Space Crafts for Kids.  This one is easy and uses at least five forms of fine motor skill practice!  And it SUPER easy to prepare!  | candleinthenight.com

The girls had a great time with this project.  There was NOTHING about it they didn’t like.  I did the cutting and the writing, but they loved the glue, stickers, and glitter glue (even though I had to help a lot with that).

Now is a good time for me to address something really important about doing crafts with kids, especially preschoolers.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  Let me say that again.  It DOES NOT have to be perfect.  I gave the girls their papers (in order), the glue, and the stickers and let them go.  They loved it!  As you can see, H’s (above) turned out pretty much perfect.  That’s H for you.  M is more of a free spirit.  Here’s her rocket.

10 Space Crafts for Kids.  This one is easy and uses at least five forms of fine motor skill practice!  And it SUPER easy to prepare!  | candleinthenight.com

Yeah…I think it’s crashing.  But whatever!  She had a great time, she was still practicing her fine motor skills (which was the main goal!), and it’s cute.  I don’t care who you are…that’s cute.

So let your child explore.  Don’t force perfection because there’s no such thing with a preschooler and you’re only hurt their feelings (and their creativity) if you try to.

10 More Space Crafts for Kids

So that was the craft I chose to do with my girls.  Why?  Not gonna lie…I already had the supplies.  But in case you want to get more crazy with the space theme, here are 10 more space crafts for kids!

Shiny Moon and Stars
Astronaut Printable Craft
Jet Pack Bottle Craft (this one is SO cute!!!)
Astronaut “Costume”
Spaceship Porthole
Space Shuttle Craft
Splatter Paint Outer Space
Button Planets
Marble Painted Planets
Sparkle Stars


If you decide to do this project, be sure to come back and tell me about it!  Take pictures and share them on my Facebook sharing post!  I’d love to see what you and your little ones are making together!

This post is part of my 31 Days of Easy Crafts for Kids series.  Be sure to check out the rest of the crafts I’m doing this month!

Simple. Well organized. FUN and EASY crafts for kids for 31 Days! Come join me! | candleinthenight.com

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  1. Not going to lie… I’m cracking up!!!
    This is a great post and you know how IMPORTANT I think it is to let kids do their own thing! But the crashing spaceship got me! LOL!!
    Of course, M thinks you just turned the paper over. 🙂
    Yes, it’s cute; she also used very good fine motor skills lining up all those stars!

    • Nope, she glued it on the bottom! Granted, I don’t think she really knows what a space ship IS in the first place, but still…cracked me up!

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