50 Clutter-Free, Useful Gifts for Kids

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Christmas is coming!  The time for celebrating Jesus, spending time with family, and having anxiety over where all the STUFF your kids are going to get for Christmas is going to go.  We are a family of five living in a 1,000 square foot house, so each time something new comes in, something else has to go OUT.  Or at least to the basement.  A couple years ago, we started trying to find more consumable gifts to give them and it’s made a huge difference!

You may find that suggesting consumable gifts to others is not so popular though.  Many of them want to actually give something to your child.  They want them to have something to open on Christmas or a birthday.  So today, I’m giving you three lists (for the price of one!); consumable gifts, experience gifts that have something to open along with them, and useful gifts.

If you're overwhelmed by the idea of MORE STUFF coming into your house this Christmas, this is a great list for you!  Clutter-free, useful gifts!!  Share it with grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends...and keep your home from getting overstuffed!  | candleinthenight.com

Consumable Gifts
5Construction paper
6Glue or tape
9Special Snacks (Things they don't normally get)
12Bubble bath
13 Bath crayons
14 Shaving cream (also for the bath!)
15 Batteries (Give them to them with pictures of the toys that are out of batteries!)
16Gift card to somewhere for a special treat (Sonic/McDonalds)
18Glow sticks
19Grow capsules (You know–those capsules with sponge animals inside)
Experience Gifts
GiftTo Open
20Zoo tickets or family passA small stuffed animal or box of animal cookies
21Tickets to a ballet or playA special necklace to wear to the event
22Manicure and lunchA bottle of nail polish (doubles as a consumable gift!)
23Tickets to a ball gameA baseball or glove
24Date to make cookiesA cookie cutter
25Trip to get ice creamMittens if it's a winter birthday or Christmas gift or sunglasses if it's a warm weather birthday gift
26Golf lessons with GrandpaGolf balls
27Tea party dateA small teacup (you can get pretty teacups sold individually at antique shops)
28Music lessonsAn instrument or a small instrument ornament if they already have one
29Karate or gymnastic lessonsAn outfit to wear to lessons
30A horseback trail rideA bandanna or cowboy boots
31 A movie nightPopcorn and a bottle of pop
32 A special day out with youA game to play when you're together
33A trip to campA suitcase or a flashlight
34Dinner or dessert out on the townA special outfit to wear
35A shopping trip just with mom/grandma/auntieA purse with money inside
Useful Gifts
36A tool set
37A camera
40A calendar
41A purse
42Hats or gloves
44A flashlight
45A wallet
46A watch
47 A bank (with money inside!)
48 A kindle (not a tablet…just the books!)
49A nightlight (Those cool ones that change color or put stars on the ceiling are sure sure to be a hit!)
50Learning materials (games or books–especially if the kids are homeschooled!)

Do you give consumable, experience, or useful gifts for Christmas?

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  1. Great lists!!! I definitely get anxiety about all the ‘stuff’ that enters our house this time of year. I really liked that you mentioned that not everyone likes the concept of consumable gifts – I have run into this with family members who insist that they get my kids toys. So, since they are going to get the toys, my husband and I are going to get the consumable gifts that we can enjoy together as a family. I’m going to pass this list on to my sister who will be celebrating her first Christmas with a little one of her own!

  2. Pajamas 🙂 Mine really like opening theirs on Christmas Even then having a slumber party together with them on.

  3. So many great ideas; we’ve used a lot of these. How about band-aids – the character kind that we never buy!

    I like the idea of putting a picture of the toy that needs the batteries with them as well as the suggestions for “wrappable” items to go with an experience or event.

  4. Great list! I HATE clutter and I don’t know what we’re buying our boys yet, so these will be some suggestions to pour over! Thanks for sharing!

  5. These are great ideas! Thanks for sharing. Joining you from the Raising Homemakers link-up. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Love this list! I’m going to pass it along to my parents and in-laws. They’re always looking for ideas for our kids that are different than just the latest electronic game or toy. Thanks!

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