When it’s okay to fall…

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Being a mom is hard.  Being a mom of three is hard.  Being a mom of little ones is hard.  Being a mom without a dishwasher is hard.  Yeah.  That’s my life.

I COULD complain about it.  I could nag my husband and play the victim.  I could take the stress and turn it into bitterness.  But…oh wait…that’s exactly what I’ve been doing lately.  What?  You too?  Well fellow mama, I’ve now been convicted and things need to change.  The purpose of this blog is to encourage mamas of preschoolers and help you to do your job with joy.  Today’s post is for that express purpose.  I want to encourage you.

As moms, we want to have it all together and stand strong, but sometimes, it's okay to fall.  | candleinthenight.com

Here’s the thing.  The fact that life is hard isn’t going to change. Our lives are hard.  They’re tiring and frustrating and most nights, we don’t get the sleep we need.  I’m not going to try telling you that you should be happy and perky all the time.  I’m not going to tell you that you should have enough energy to keep up with your kids (not without coffee anyway!).  You just won’t have that kind of energy.  Neither will I.

Here’s what I AM going to say.  You are enough.  God made you.  He sees you.  He gave you your children at the time He gave them to you for a purpose.  This crazy, messy, tiring life wasn’t an accident.  But He also doesn’t expect you to stand on your own through it all.

Here’s what convicted me.

I was driving to church for choir practice this afternoon and I’d had a not-so-great day.  The kids hadn’t napped well, dinner was cold by the time I ate it, and I just had a bad attitude all around.  I knew I was only mad at myself.  Why can’t I keep the kitchen clean?  Why can’t I keep the floor swept?  Why don’t I have enough energy to even keep my head above the water?  Why is this life so hard?

Then the Rich Mullens song “If I Stand” came on the radio.  I’ve always loved that song and when I was a young college student, it had special meaning for me.  But as an adult, I hadn’t really thought about it much.  Here’s how the chorus goes.

If I stand, let me stand on the promise that You will pull me through.
And if I can’t let me fall on the grace that first brought me to You.
If I sing let me sing for the joy that has born in me these songs,
And if I weep, let it be as a man who is longing for his home.

As I was listening, here’s what washed over me.  It’s okay.  It’s okay when the dishes aren’t done.  It’s okay when things are a mess.  It’s okay when dinner isn’t blog-post worthy.  It’s all okay.  What matters is my attitude.  

We all know that if we stand, we’re doing okay, but the important message I heard today for the first time is that if I fall, that’s okay too!  Falling, weeping, crawling, kneeling…these are the positions that really put us where we need to be.  As long as we remember where to look when we’re down there.

So tired mama with a hard life, will you kneel with me today?  I’m thanking God that I can fall on Him.  What are you thanking Him for?

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  1. It is so important for moms to know that it’s okay to have one of ‘those days’ or weeks….or months. Thanks for the reminder to keep the attitude in check when it does happen. 🙂

    (Visiting from the Mom 2 Mom Monday link up)

  2. You’ve got it right, baby!
    I thought of you with this blogpost this morning, too!
    Have a great day!! You’re doing great!!

  3. I wrote today on allowing our imperfect to show as an encouragement to others. Great post.

  4. A beautiful post and timely encouragement for me today. A lesson I have had to learn often but still need reminding of! I’m thanking God for peace in the midst of an intense week and trusting that He will give me the strength I need to get everything completed.

  5. Jessica, my heart really resonated with this post. Such comforting words. I’m so thankful that when we fall, we can look up and find the hope needed to keep going.

  6. Yes, it is so easy to let those little nuances get in the way and drag our attitudes down. Sometimes I just really don’t feel like doing the dishes after supper, so I excuse myself from that task and allow them to sit until the next morning. Sometimes I think we need to let things go just a bit to keep us from going crazy. haha!

  7. I am so thankful to have Him to run to through trying times. That is really what struck me here. Being mama is hard work and I don’t know how I would make it through without Him! Great post.

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