Flashcard Free A to Z: Block Learning

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Flashcard Free A to Z: Block Learning

Blocks are toys found in almost every home and preschool classroom across America.  Kids love them, parents realize the potential of their ability to aid in fine motor development, but do you realize the potential for using these blocks for learning?  Today, I’m going to give you five ways you can use blocks help your children learn.

Five great ways to use blocks as a learning tool!

Grade Level

Preschool-5th grade

Supplies for Block Learning


1. Counting:

This is a simple one, but shouldn’t be overlooked.  There are a few different ways you can help your child practice counting using blocks.

  • For young preschoolers, simply line the blocks up and help them count from one side to the other.
  • For older preschoolers and young elementary age children, mix the blocks up and let the child find a way to count them.  They may line them up, group them, or just count them the way they are.
  • When your child is ready, use the blocks to teach addition or subtraction.  For example, lay out five blocks and say, “You have five blocks.  If I give you two more, how many will you have?”
  • For upper levels, blocks can even be used to teach division.  Give your child 30 blocks and tell them to divide them into six groups.  Use problems like this to help your child understand division in a concrete way.

2. Colors:

Many blocks come in colors.  You can ask your child to find certain colors or sort the blocks into groups of colors.  As they get older, they can arrange the colors in rainbow order.

Five great ways to use blocks as a learning tool!

3. Fine Motor Development:

This one is the most obvious!  Stacking blocks is a skill that children as young as a year or even younger can develop.  But don’t underestimate the value of the fine motor development that older children can build as they play with blocks.

4. Cooperation:

If you have more than one child, playing with blocks can be an excellent opportunity to learn cooperation.  Have your children build a house, building, or whatever else they may choose, together.  If they are building it together, they will be forced to work together!

5. Creative Design:

Blocks give an excellent opportunity for totally creative play.  There are no patterns or guides they are supposed to follow.  Everything they do is from their imagination.  This is the best form of creativity!

Five great ways to use blocks as a learning tool!

What’s your favorite way to use blocks as a learning tool?

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