Why I Chose Paparazzi and What it Means for You

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If you watched the video I posted on the Facebook page yesterday, you’ll know that I’ve joined up with Paparazzi Accessories to bring you beautiful jewelry at a price you can afford.  In that video, I also shared my “why”.  If you haven’t watched it yet, you can check it out here.  Today, I’m going to share with you the top ten reasons that I chose Paparazzi and what that means for you.

Get the same look for less with Paparazzi! Everything for just $5!

When I was looking for a way to make extra money for our family, I searched out quite a few different opportunities.  I have a lot of friends who work in MLM’s and have great testimonials, so I looked into each one and also researched other MLM’s.  At one point, I had about 20 tabs open on my computer and closed each one as I decided it wasn’t the opportunity for me.  At the end, I was surprised to only have one tab left open.  I thought maybe I’d have three or four to choose from, but that wasn’t how it was.  There was one left and it was Paparazzi.  Here are the reasons that Paparazzi is the opportunity for me.

10 Reasons I Chose Paparazzi

1. Price Point: Every necklace, every ring, every bracelet, every headband, and every hair bow is only $5.  One of the main reasons I closed tabs during my search for the perfect MLM was that the prices were too high.  If I wouldn’t spend the money on the item, I knew my friends and family wouldn’t.  I wanted something that I could afford and that I could be excited to offer my customers.  $5 is completely, amazingly affordable!Get the same look for less with Paparazzi!  Everything for just $5!

2. Parties are Awesome:  If you’ve been to a direct sales party, you know how they go.  Everyone gathers in the living room, listens to the spiel, then is handed a book or an order form.  Can you say UNCOMFORTABLE???  Paparazzi parties are more like open houses.  When you book your party, I will come into your home and set up the jewelry.  Your friends will come and shop.  There’s no talk, no set time they have to be there, and no pressure.  Your friends will love coming and shopping the “jewelry store in your home” without feeling like they HAVE to buy something.  Oh, but they most likely WILL buy something because, did I mention, everything is just $5!!

3. Facebook Parties are Even More Awesome:  Don’t want to clean your house?  Live across the country?  Don’t have enough friends close by?  Facebook parties are the way to go!  I LOVE this idea because I can run them from home and my husband doesn’t have to be left with the kids all alone.  In fact, they can even be making all kinds of noise in the background and it’s no biggie!  Facebook parties are gaining popularity and are so, so fun!

Get the same look for less with Paparazzi!  Everything for just $5!

4. I Don’t Know Any Paparazzi Consultants:  Well, this isn’t true anymore, but when I found Paparazzi, I had never heard of it before.  I came to learn that Paparazzi began as an MLM in 2010.  It’s only 5 years old!  The best time to join a Multi Level Marketing company is in its baby stages.  It gives you great opportunity for growth.  Plus, it almost guarantees you that people won’t give you the excuse that they “already have a consultant” when you ask if they’d like to host a party.

5. Cash and Carry:  There are no order forms to fill out, no deliveries to make, and no shipping costs to pay.  As an independent consultant, I order inventory and bring it to the parties.  Customers make purchases, and that’s it!  Soooooo simple!

6. There’s Unlimited Money to be Made:  As I mentioned in my video, I joined Paparazzi because we have a need to earn more money.  With Paparazzi, the consultant earns 45%.  Not only that, but there are other great opportunities as you build your downline and grow your business to earn added commissions.

Get the same look for less with Paparazzi! Everything for just $5!

Did I mention that every necklace comes with free earrings? It’s true! So this whole set retails for just $15!!

7. Low Start-up Cost: There are three start-up kits available and the least expensive is the $99 kit.  It comes with 35 pieces of jewelry.  You do the math…  If you sell all those pieces at $5 each, you’ll have made your money back plus $76!  Reinvest that in more jewelry, keep selling, and your growth potential is amazing!

8.  Low Pressure: I touched on this before, but honestly, this is a big one for me.  I hate pressure.  I don’t like going to parties and feeling like I HAVE to buy something.  It’s just not me.  So I needed a product that would sell itself.  I believe I have found that in Paparazzi.  I also appreciate that in all the training videos I’ve watched, the instructors encourage you to NOT pressure the customers.  Let the jewelry speak for itself, offer information, and follow up if there is interest.  But DON’T pressure.  I love that that is part of Paparazzi’s business model.

9. Consultant Support:  Speaking of training, the online support for Paparazzi consultants in the downline I’m part of is amazing.  I’ve only been a member a short time and I’ve already joined at least five Facebook groups that are there to support and train Paparazzi consultants.  They’re really great, active groups and I’m learning a lot just by being a part of them.  There is also incredible training available on websites and YouTube.  Deb’s Jewelry Shop is an amazing resource!  (Debbie is in my upline and is such a great support!

10. Time:  There’s one other thing that makes having a product that sells itself amazing.  Time saved.  I have three kids (as you all know), homeschool, and try to keep my house at least halfway decent.  I couldn’t take on something that didn’t fit into my schedule.  With Paparazzi, you truly set your own schedule.  You block out the nights or days you can work and keep the others open for your other family duties.  There’s nothing better than setting your own schedule!

BONUS REASON!  I just can’t stop coming up with reasons I love this company!  Since Paparazzi jewelry is constantly changing inventory along with the styles of the season, things go in and out of stock quickly.  My personal stock will likely be different than what is available for me to purchase online, but since I don’t plan on going into debt to start this business, I won’t be placing another order until I can afford to do so.  Paparazzi recognized this issue for consultants and now, consultants have their very own website!  If you shop using my Paparazzi website, you STILL get your jewelry for $5, I still am blessed to receive commission, and you there is only a small flat rate for shipping…just $5.95.  It’s really a great deal all around!  So be sure to check that out as well!

What Me Joining Paparazzi Means for You

AMAZING parties with FABULOUS hostess rewards!!  Just check this out!

Host a party, earn free Paparazzi jewelry!

As you can tell, I’m really pumped about having found Paparazzi.  I can’t wait to share more with you as I learn more myself.  Let me know if you’d like to book a party and earn free jewelry!  

If this has convinced you that you might like to start your own Paparazzi business, just shoot me an email and we can get you signed up!

Have you heard of Paparazzi Accessories before or is this as new to you as it was to me?

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  1. Hi, I found this somewhere in FB. I am interested in hosting a party on FB. Can you please email or message me? On FB, I’m under Kaci Paliden. Thanks!!

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