Making Facebook a Positive Place

Were you on Facebook yesterday?  Wow, what a beautiful, positive day!  Here are a few of the highlights from my personal news feed. “He is risen!  Hooray!  Happy Easter!” “Lives again our glorious King! Where, O death, is now thy sting? Dying once, He all doth save; Where thy victory, O grave? Love’s redeeming work […]

One Alternative to Traditional Employee Health Insurance

When M was five weeks old, she ended up in the hospital with a fever.  It turned out she was just strep, but the bills were huge.  My husband’s company medical insurance was a huge blessing and since we’d met the deductible with her birth, we paid little to no money out of pocket.   […]

Christian Music in the Home

In our home, we love music.  We especially love Christian music.  I was raised in a home where contemporary Christian music was played almost continually and I knew I wanted the same for my home. As I’ve “aged”, my tastes have changed a little bit.  I still love Christian music, but I’d say I prefer […]


“Watching in the crowd there were the Pharisees,  When the people praised Him, they were so displeased. Pharisees said to Him, tell them not to shout. He said if they don’t praise me, all the rocks will cry out. The rocks will cry out Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the […]

We Don’t Do Santa…Except…

I grew up in a family where we “did” Santa Clause.  I’ve heard all the reasons to not have Santa including that you’re lying to your kids and you could be causing them confusion when you teach them about Jesus and Santa and one’s real and one’s not.  For me, it was never a big […]

Do You Have Room?

We had a beautiful Christmas pageant at my parent’s church on Sunday night.  H was a sweet little angel and M was a sheep.  My nephews played the baby Jesus and the small child Jesus.  The pageant was concluded with the song, Do You Have Room.  This power point was playing in the background.  I […]

The Dangers of Comparison

I haven’t posted in quite a while if you haven’t noticed.  I seem to have fallen into the comparison trap.  Let me tell you about it. A few days before Thanksgiving, my girls were sick.  Then, on Thanksgiving, I got sick.  I was down for almost two weeks, in fact, I just started feeling 100% […]

Forgiving like my Children

I am not a perfect mom.  I snap at times.  I yell, I roll my eyes, I sigh.  I sometimes ignore a child because I’m busy at the moment.  I’m not perfect.  I try and I’d say I’m a pretty good mom, but I definitely have my moments. But you know what?  Children are so […]