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First Day of School 2015

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First Day of Homeschool Pictures

Just wanted to share some quick pictures from our first day of school.  We’re having a great time so far and I’ll be sharing more about what we’re doing for school in a later post.  We’re loving having more of a schedule and learning new things every day!

Tips for a Successful Garage Sale

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Tips for running a successful garage sale.

If you’re wondering where I’ve been this week, you’re not the only one.  My friends, family, kids, and husband may think I’ve dropped off the face of the earth!  What I was actually doing was preparing for, and helping run, a super successful garage sale!  My husband was off work, so I worked, and worked, and […]

Horizons Phonics and Reading Review

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We had a chance to review Horizons Kindergarten Phonics and Reading and we've really been enjoying it!

Well, H. is officially in Kindergarten now and you know what that means!  Learning to Read!  So I was super excited when I got the chance to review the Horizons Kindergarten Phonics and Reading Set from Alpha Omega Publications through the Homeschool Review Crew.  I’d heard good things about Horizons and was excited to try it […]

Utilizing the Library for your Preschool

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We LOVE the library!  If you are blessed to live near a library don’t miss out on using this great resource!  There are so many resources available to you through the library that you can use to supplement your homeschool preschool.  Here are just a few of my favorites. Preschool Story Time: At our library, we […]

Homeschool Planet Review

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If you’ve followed my blog for any amount of time, you know that I am one of the least organized people you know.  I have a hard time keeping track of my daily tasks and schedule.  I keep a calendar for major things, but often minor things get forgotten.  That’s why when I was given […]

Using Rhyming Games in your Home-Preschool

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This site has some fun rhyming activities to do with your children!

Children love rhyming words from an early age.  Even a child who is just learning to speak can recognize and enjoy the sing-song tones of Dr. Seuss books and songs like “Are You Sleeping”.  But teaching a child to rhyme can be a different story.  It is a skill that simply takes practice…and fun practice is the […]

Pom-Pom Clothespin Grasp

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Second in the series of activities for preschoolers is the Pom-Pom Clothespin Grasp.  This activity is great for practicing fine motor and sorting skills.  The girls made our Pom-Pom Clothespin Grasp game at the homeschool co-op we attend, but it would be simple to make at home as well. Pom-Pom Clothespin Grasp: A Preschool Activity Supplies An creamer container […]

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