Relaxing Bath Salt Recipes for Pregnancy

Late pregnancy can be hard on a woman’s body.  Her belly is growing quickly, her skin is stretching, and her joints are relaxing (read: she can hardly walk) in preparation for delivery.  She has aches and pains in places she never has experienced them before.  Most women believe they just have to grin and bear it […]

Baby D’s Birth Story

They say every birth is different and yet, I somehow expect each one to resemble the previous.  I guess that’s just the way it is.  You have NO idea what to expect, so you expect what’s happened before.  Well, that’s not the way it goes! According to my midwife (because of my previous ultrasounds), I […]

Number 1 Baby Essential: 50% OFF!!

{This post contains affiliate links.  That simply means I will earn a small amount from any purchase you make when you click my links.  You won’t pay any more.  Thanks for supporting our family!} The Miracle Blanket.  My FAVORITE thing for babies!  When H was little, we started swaddling her using a Miracle Blanket rather […]

What to Wear During Labor: Round Two

Two and a half years ago, I posted my first blog about what to wear during labor.  I LOVED laboring in something other than a hospital gown!  The only problem was, the shirt and skirt (which were both pretty soiled after labor and delivery) got stuffed in a bag after delivery and by the time […]

Sleeping Like a Baby: How to Sleep Peacefully During Pregnancy

Sleeping while pregnant is hard.  I am currently 28 weeks pregnant and since week one, I’ve struggled to find a position that works well for me where I can fall asleep and stay asleep.  I have now been through several different pillow “arrangements” and I found one I LOVE and would like to share with […]

6 Ways to Save Money During Pregnancy

Having a baby is expensive.  There are hospital bills, check-up costs, all the things the baby needs, and when you throw in all the things Mom needs during the pregnancy, it can be outrageous!  So here are six easy ways to save money during pregnancy! 1. Skip the non-essentials:    Prenatal vitamins: essential.  Pregnancy pops: […]

Five Newborn Necessities

I’ve seen posts like this all over the internet.  Some have up to twenty (TWENTY!!!) things you just HAVE to have when your child is born.  Everything from cute little outfits to expensive car seats.  I’ve seen many comments where people say they need almost NOTHING for their baby.  Just their body to provide milk […]

VitaFusion PreNatal Gummy Vitamins Review

When I was pregnant with my girls, I took a prenatal vitamin from Walmart.  Not the cheapest one, but not the most expensive.  I made sure they had all the “vitals”–DHA, Folic Acid…  When we started trying to get pregnant this time, I bought the same brand as I’d bought before.  They were fine while […]