Using Rhyming Games in your Home-Preschool

Children love rhyming words from an early age.  Even a child who is just learning to speak can recognize and enjoy the sing-song tones of Dr. Seuss books and songs like “Are You Sleeping”.  But teaching a child to rhyme can be a different story.  It is a skill that simply takes practice…and fun practice is the […]

Pom-Pom Clothespin Grasp

Second in the series of activities for preschoolers is the Pom-Pom Clothespin Grasp.  This activity is great for practicing fine motor and sorting skills.  The girls made our Pom-Pom Clothespin Grasp game at the homeschool co-op we attend, but it would be simple to make at home as well. Pom-Pom Clothespin Grasp: A Preschool Activity Supplies An creamer container […]

Monster Chomp: A Preschool Letter Game

We’ve talked a little bit about the Best Preschool Curriculum and the supplies you need to have the Best Preschool, but today, we’re going to start a series of posts consisting of specific activities and games I feel are good assets to a play-based preschool.  The first game is the Monster Chomp. We got our […]

What You Need to Have The BEST Preschool in Your Home

Last week, I posted about how the BEST preschool curriculum is PLAY. Well, we spend lots of time in play at our house.  And honestly, anytime your child is doing something other than sitting in front of the television, they are learning.  But because my girls have both loved the structured learning time, we do […]

CTC Math Review

Through this last school year, I’ve introduced more and more curriculum to H.  She turned five in May and although this coming year would be her first official year in kindergarten, I’ve done quite a bit of kindergarten work with her.  She’s fairly advanced for her age and I didn’t want to hold her back by […]

The BEST Preschool Curriculum

Although I’m just beginning preschool with my second child, I believe I have found the very BEST preschool curriculum you can use.  I do have more experience than just my own two children.  I grew up going with my mom to work whenever I had a day off school (and also lots of days after […]

How a Baseball Game Became a Routine Game Changer

Last spring, we had the opportunity to go to a minor league baseball game with some family.  The girls came along and it was the first game they attended that they could actually remember.  They had a blast!  They cheered, played, watched (a little…) and participated in all the crowd cheers.  Their favorite cheer was, […]

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party

H turned five this year and right now, more than just about anything else, she LOVES Strawberry Shortcake!  So it was only natural that we’d have a Strawberry Shortcake birthday party.  Here’s how it turned out… Now on to the family party! This party was so simple and fun to throw!  If you’re planning a […]