Tried it Tuesday: Brownie Ice Cream Cups

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Brownies are great.  Ice cream is great.  Together, the’re FABULOUS!  So what could be better than Brownie Ice Cream Cups?  When I saw this pin on Pinterest, I knew I had to give it a shot!

(Go look at that pin.  Seriously. How beautiful is that?)  I had to try it!  It was time for another Tried it Tuesday!

Tried it Tuesday |


I followed the directions exactly.  I mixed up a batch of brownies, filled the muffin tins half full, and set my second set of muffin “tins” on top.  All I had were silicone muffin “tins”, so that’s what I used.

Brownie Ice Cream Cups: PINTEREST FAIL!  |


Brownie Ice Cream Cups: PINTEREST FAIL!  |

Sorry for the fuzzy picture. I *might* have been taking these pictures in the middle of the night the night before M’s birthday party…


I baked the allotted amount of time and when I took them out, I had brownies with muffin tins on top.  They were flat, circular brownies with NO rims.  So…I tried to do something a little different with the next batch.  I filled the tins a little fuller and when I put the top tins on, I pushed them down until I could see the batter coming up over the rims.  I once again baked and once again (to my disappointment), ended up with flat brownies.  Delicious, but definitely not cups.  This time, they had a little bit more of a rim, but nothing that would hold ice cream.

Brownie Ice Cream Cups: Pinterest Fail

So…PINTEREST: FAIL.  But…I still had delicious brownies!  And they were tasty mixed in with ice cream or as a motivational tool!

And they looked adorable at my daughter’s birthday party in a big, festive bowl!

Brownie Ice Cream Bowls??  Pinterest FAIL!!  |

There are a couple things I could have done differently that may have made it work better.

1. Use regular tins instead of silicone on top.  They would have been a little heavier and might have helped.

2. Use an extra egg in the recipe to make more “cake-like” brownies.

Have you tried this recipe?  Did it work for you?  I’d love to know if I did something wrong!

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