15 Fantastic Pine Cone Craft Ideas

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Over the past five days, we’ve done five fun activities with pine cones.  Each pine cone craft used different materials and skills.  I’d love to keep doing pine cone crafts since there are SO many great ones out there, but next week, we’ll be moving on.  Before we do though, I want to leave you with a fabulous pine cone craft round up!

Pine cones are free and pretty easy to come by!  So make sure you check out these pine cone craft ideas!  | candleinthenight.com

Turkey Pine Cone Craft

This darling turkey from Jinxy Kids would be an excellent Thanksgiving decoration that you could make with your kids!

20 Pinecone Crafts!  These are so cute and easy!  | candleinthenight.com

Pom Pom Pine Cone Craft

These darling crafts would be perfect hanging from your tree or decorating your windows this Christmas!

There are some adorable pine cone crafts on this site! This is so cute and easy! | candleinthenight.com

Yarn Pine Cone Craft

This simple pine cone craft is mess free and simple for even your littlest crafter.

Looking for great pine cone crafts? Well here's one that gives you fun, bright colors without all the mess! | candleinthenight.com

Painted Pine Cone Craft

Messy?  Yes.  Fun?  Definitely!

Have you ever tried painting pine cones? It's a fun craft that looks really great no matter your child's skill level! | candleinthenight.com

Penguin Pine Cone Craft

Possibly my favorite of this round up, these adorable pinecone penguins are so much fun to make and to have decorating your home!

These pine cone penguins are SO cute! And are really easy to make too! | candleinthenight.com

Glitter Pine Cone Craft

These sparkling pine cones are great for decorating your home fall through winter!

Make these beautiful glitter pinecones to decorate for fall and winter both! | candleinthenight.com


 Other Pine Cone Crafts

Snowy Pine Cone Wreath

Pine Cone Heart Wreath

Pine Cone Tree

Ombre Pine Cone

Spray Paint Pine Cones

Candy Corn Pine Cones

Snowy Owl Pine Cones

Dipped Pine Cones

More Dipped Pine Cones


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  1. Just as I was clicking through and about to say I really prefer the natural colored cones instead of painting them, I saw the candy corn cones! How cute!
    NOT that I need them… 😉

    • I know, right?? They’re SO cute!! I’ve got to stop with the pine cone crafts though…they’re taking over!

  2. OH! And I love that “Who Needs a Cape” explains how to be sure you are bug-free! Sounds like a GREAT idea to me — seems she has the same bug fears as you and I 😉

  3. Happy Monday! Love all these pine cone craft ideas – my girls will love the little gobbler! – and can’t wait to try out some more. And thanks for including WNAC’s DIY Candy Corn Pine Cones in your round-up. Now I have more ways to use up the ones I’ve got before they take over. 😀

  4. I so envy people with the gift of crafting. LOL! I’m so not creative. Cute idea.

  5. My girls would love the pom pom pinecones! I know we have some of those little pom poms around here somewhere. Now, to snatch a few pinecones from one of the neighbors. (Just kidding! I’ll ask.)

  6. Popping over from the homemaking linkup! We have so many pinecones in the yard (the bane of my husband’s existence when he mows!). These are great ideas for something we can do with them.

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