New Years Resolutions: Personal Goals

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Today is December 2nd and we all know what that means.  Christmas is right around the corner and after that…the new year!  Let me just say right off, I’m not great at keeping new years resolutions.  Last year, I decided to become a minimalist.  Ha!  If you’ve watched any of my videos or looked at pictures I post, you’ll know that I’m clearly not that.  Two years ago, I decided to go to bed with a clean kitchen every night.  Yeah…that one didn’t happen either.  But you know what?  My house is cleaner.  I do have less stuff.  And I do still clean my kitchen more often than I did before.  I’m making progress.  And these new years resolutions help.  They give me a goal.  Something to work towards.

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New Years Resolutions: A Target

You know those stories you hear about people firing a gun into the air and then hitting nothing or hitting something on accident?  That’s what I feel like I’m doing most of the time.  Without a goal, something to aim towards, everything you do falls short of the mark.  You might hit something by accident or even succeed at an unimportant goal, but you’ll never hit the bulls eye.  But if you set up a target, aim, and fire, you at least have a chance!

Think about a target.  It’s large and has several different sections.  Obviously, you want to hit the center, but really, hitting the target at all is a success.  And how do you hit the bulls eye?  With practice!

When you set your new year’s resolution, you’re setting up your target.  And then, you just have to practice.  And practice…  And practice some more!  You may succeed and hit the bulls eye!  Or you may adjust your target.  Either way, it’s a success.

So that’s my goal for this month.  I’m choosing my targets, setting them up, and figuring out how I’m going to put them into practice.  I’m not going to worry too much about practicing yet because December is such a crazy month, but I am going to plan.

New Years Resolutions: Personal Goals

One thing I’ve really let go since having children is…well…myself!  I’ve come up with three simple goals to help myself improve this year.  In my mind, I know that to take care of my family well, I HAVE to take care of myself, now, I just need to DO it!

  1. Quiet time daily: This should be in the morning if at all possible and should include time to read scripture and to pray.  I’ve been sooooooo bad about having quiet time with God and I know it’s really effected my walk with Him.  This is the #1 most important goal of all.
  2. Shower more often:  I hate to even write this one down because it’s so gross, but I have to include it.  Confession: I’ve gotten into the habit of going three (or even four if we’re not going anywhere) days in between showers.  I know…I know…you can all just unsubscribe now.  It’s just so hard!  But no more excuses.  A shower every other day at least!  Any more and I’m not hitting the target.
  3. Read a book every month:  I love this one!!  Now if I can just DO it!  I should be able to…I have the Kindle app on my phone, but I often get caught up on Facebook or checking email or playing games that even though I spend TONS of time on my phone while nursing, I don’t find time to read!  Well, that’s changing in 2015.  I WILL read more than just my Facebook feed!!

Now it’s your turn!  Below, I’m giving you five steps to set your new years resolution personal goals.  Go through them and then (if you want!) come back and share!

  1. Brainstorm.  Come up with at least 10 things you’d like to change about your life.  Write down the positive, not the negative (for example, write, “Learn to play the piano”, not, “I can’t play the piano”.)
  2. Sort your list into categories.  You can make your own categories, but mine were spiritual, physical, talent, and personal enjoyment.
  3. Cross off the unattainable goals.  For example, if you have five small children, now is probably not the time to learn to play the trombone.  Save that for when they’re out of the house.  Anything that you honestly don’t think can be achieved this year, cross it off.  (If you believe it can be achieved, leave it on the list…even if no one else does.)
  4. Pray over your list.  God knows you better than you know yourself.  If He is on your side, you’re far more likely to hit your target!
  5. Choose your top three.  That might be hard if you have 50 things on your list, but three is a good achievable number.  Write down those three and keep the rest somewhere safe for next year!

I’ll be writing five different posts to cover the five areas of resolutions I’m making this year.  Be sure to check back later to see the rest!  

New Years Resolutions: Personal Goals (12/2)
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