Lord Heritage HomeSchool Office Review

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Organization is not exactly my strong point.  That’s why when the opportunity to review the HomeSchool Office from Lord Heritage came along, I jumped at the chance!  You see, I love creating lists, calendars, and schedules, I’m just not so great at following through.  My hope was that having a program that would do most of the organizing work for me would leave me more time to actually DO what I needed to do!


HomeSchool Office Review

When I first logged on to the HomeSchool Office, I have to admit, I was overwhelmed.  There is just SO MUCH available to use!  That’s not a bad thing (at all!), it just took me a while to figure it all out.  There are sample pages available to help you find your way around, but even then, it was a bit overwhelming.  I finally decided to dive in and just kind of play around so I could get it all figured out.

After spending some time with the HomeSchool Office, I found that there are two main sections that I would be using at this stage in my homeschool career.  Those pages are the calendar and the to-do list.  I’ll share about those two sections first and then I’ll show the other sections that I played around with, but wouldn’t necessarily use right now simply because my children are so young.

Lord Heriatage HomeSchool Office: Calendar

Wowzah!  The calendar feature that comes with the HomeSchool Office is unlike any I’ve seen!  It’s incredible!  To just give you an idea, here’s a picture of what my calendar looks like right now.

Lord Heritage HomeSchool Office Review

These calendars are scheduled weekly, so if you add something on a Monday, it automatically goes on ever Monday going forward.  It makes for a perfect schedule-creator!  I love that I’m able to color code everything by who it relates to.  Pink is me, blue is all of us, purple is H, green is H’s school, and orange is working out with my mom and sister(yes, working out only happens twice a week right now).  Everything is laid out perfectly and I can add things as needed.

THEN, I’m also able to add other calendars.  So instead of having everything either crammed into one calendar or spread in different calendars/schedules all over the house, it’s all right here, neatly organized.  Here, for example, is my housekeeping calendar.

Lord Heritage HomeSchool Office Review

With this program, you have the option to choose which “calendars” to show when.  So technically, I could have all the calendars showing at once, but it looks really, REALLY full that way.

But if I wanted to look at a particular day and see what all I had to accomplish, that’s possible too (and looks really pretty).

I love these calendars as a mom of three little ones.  I can only imagine how helpful they would be for moms who have multiple older children with sports, drama, co-op, music lessons, etc. all going on!

There is just one down side that I have to mention because as great as these calendars are, I really felt like this feature was needed.  When entering new activities, there is no option to have them repeat.  So, for example, when I entered my cleaning schedule, I had to enter “Put Away Dishes” on every day of the week.  Having an option to repeat a task would really save time.

Lord Heritage HomeSchool Office: To-Do List

The HomeSchool Office to-do list is pretty basic, but is a really nice feature.  Basically, on the right side of the calendar screen, there is a place to enter a to-do list.  You can create multiple lists for multiple people or for different topics.  Then, as things get done, you can check them off your list.

Lord Heritage HomeSchool Office Review

I’m a check-list kind of girl.  I love checking things off of lists.   In fact, I love it so much, that sometimes, I will actually add things to my list, JUST so I can check them off!!  Ate lunch?  Check!  Got dressed?  Check!  Oh yeah!  I’m on a roll!  And the pleasure that comes from completing a check list is just incredible!  So if you’re a list-girl like me, you’ll love this feature!

So the calendar and the to-do lists are the two things I use the most from HomeSchool Office.  But there are LOTS of other features that parents of homeschoolers will love!  Here are a few of my favorites.

Lord Heritage HomeSchool Office: Grades

HomeSchool Office has a feature that allows parents to enter their children’s grades.  When you first set up HomeSchool Office, you enter your children and the subjects they are taking.  Then, when you go to enter grades, the process is simple.  You choose the child, the subject, and then enter their grade.  Normally, I don’t track what H is doing since we don’t actually have to do that at this age, but for the sake of this review, I kept track of a few of H’s math pages to give you an example.

Lord Heritage HomeSchool Office Review

Lord Heritage HomeSchool Office: Report Card

Have you ever wished you had a report card for your child?  Maybe when Chuck-E-Cheese was giving away free tokens for A’s or when the car insurance premium could be lowered for a 3.5 GPA?  Well if you use HomeSchool Office to track your child’s grades, you can easily print off a report card to take in!  It’s so simple and looks great!  Here was H’s.  Lord Heritage HomeSchool Office Review

Just ignore the part about Q1 and Q2.  I obviously wasn’t using HomeSchool Office back then!

Would I Recommend Lord Heritage’s HomeSchool Office?

Honestly, it depends.  I do LOVE the calendar feature, but for the price, I don’t think it’s worth it JUST for that one thing.  So if you’re in my shoes where all you have is a preschooler or kindergartener, HomeSchool Office probably isn’t meant for you.  But if you have older children, I ABSOLUTELY recommend HomeSchool Office!  The ability to track your child’s progress, have your family’s calendar, write notes to your family members, set up important reminders, print report cards, and MORE all in one place is amazing.  An excellent organizational tool you don’t want to miss!

Do you have older children?  How do you track their grades?


HomeSchool Office Review
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  1. Just popping in to see what other crew members thought of this product! Love your colorful calendar! You were way more gung-ho about using it for household stuff too than I was. I just couldn’t get into it no matter HOW hard I tried. I’m just way too much a type B personality I think. LOL!

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