Wear the Flowers

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Today, I did something new. I stepped out of my comfort zone and did something I wouldn’t normally do.

You see, a few months ago, Paparazzi Accessories released this beautiful hippie headband that I absolutely loved. I bought three to sell and two of them sold right away. I kept going back and forth about if I wanted to sell or keep the third.

You see, I’m a conservative, Christian homeschool mom with three children. You don’t generally see women in my circle wearing hippie headbands.

But I couldn’t let go of that one. It was just so pretty!

So today, I wore it. I told myself, “this is ridiculous! What do you care what anyone else thinks?” and I arranged it just so on my head.

Wear the Flowers

Then, I went about my day. But you know what? That headband changed me today. Every time I walked by the mirror, I couldn’t help but smile.

Because I like flowers. And I like them in my hair.

So here’s my encouragement for you, fellow weary mom’s, wear flowers in your hair. Or dance in the living room. Or put on red lipstick. Or put on a movie for the kids and take a long, hot bath.

Do something that makes you smile. Because you are worth it! We spend so much time in our lives making sure our children are happy, making sure we’ve done everything right, or worrying about what others think. But when we pause to take care of our own needs, and stop worrying about what others will think of us, we can really start living and caring for others the way we were meant to.

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