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8 years ago, I was a first time mom. Feeling confident, but unsure of myself. A doctor told me my daughter was in danger when she wasn’t.  He lied to manipulate my birth. He took away my #optionsinbirth.

Share your story using the hashtag #optionsinbirth to be part of the change!

Women want to be able to trust their providers

7 years ago, I made the choice to use a midwife. She was out of town when I went into labor and I was afraid of what a doctor would do if I went to the hospital too soon. Again, fear dominated my labor and delivery. All was well in the end, but knowing my midwife who would offer #optionsinbirth wasn’t there was terrifying.

Women want to give birth without fear

4 years ago, I found a group of midwives working under an OB who supported unmedicated birth. They believed strongly in informed consent and they believed in me. When my baby measured 11 pounds on an ultrasound, the collaborating doctor told them it was time for me to be induced. She tried to take away my #optionsinbirth. I knew my rights though and stood up for myself.  That baby came on his own a few days later weighing 10 pounds 4 ounces.

Baby D's Birth Story | candleinthenight.com

Women want to feel strong

11 months ago, I was pregnant for the fourth time and knew I wanted a midwife who believed in my ability to give birth without intervention. I was tired of advocating for myself all the time. I found that in Julie and Kara at Midwife Partners in Women’s Wellness. They firmly believe in giving women #optionsinbirth and would fight for me in the hospital. I was so thankful!

3 months ago, I found out the doctors group they’d been working with wasn’t going to continue backing them and they’d be at a different hospital.

2 months ago (on my due date), I found out that their new hospital and doctors group had dropped them. There was no hospital where they could deliver. Once again, obstetricians were taking away my #optionsinbirth. People I had never met were telling me I had to either deliver outside the hospital setting or drop the midwives I’d come to love and trust.

8 weeks ago, I delivered a healthy baby boy with a midwife I’d met once at a hospital I didn’t choose. All went well and I attribute that to having MY midwife at my side, not acting as a midwife, but as birth support. Even when she wasn’t able to be in the position of midwife, she still was there to do everything she could to protect my #optionsinbirth. That’s true care.

Women want #optionsinbirth

In the Kansas City metro area and many other parts of the US, #optionsinbirth are becoming more restricted. Government red tape, hospital red tape, and obstetrician opinion is shaping the way women give birth instead of women being given the options they want and deserve.

If you’ve been negatively impacted by a hospital or OB during your birth, we want to hear your story. If you’ve been positively impacted by a midwife during birth, we especially want to hear your story! There is a push to cut through the red tape and allow midwives to practice without having to have doctor collaboration and we need everyone to know – that’s what we want!!

Share your story using the hashtag #optionsinbirth to be part of the change!

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