Our Favorite Math Curriculum

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My oldest is starting third grade and in the few years we’ve been homeschooling, we’ve tried several different math curricula.  I was never a big fan of math as a child and never thought I was good at it–until I got to college.  While in college and taking courses on elementary math for teachers, I realized that my mind just worked differently than how the typical math curriculum teaches.  I grew up using mostly Saxon math and it just did not work for me.  Once I was presented with the material in a different way, I realized I could actually be good at math!

When I started looking at curriculum, I wanted something that would present the material in different ways so that my children, no matter how they learned, would have a good understanding of how numbers work.  I wanted them to learn concepts as children what I didn’t learn until adulthood.  Concepts that would help them thrive instead of struggle with math.

Our Favorite Math Curriculum

After spending extensive hours researching different curricula, I found Math Mammoth.  It has been a great fit for our family!  Math Mammoth teaches each concept in a few different ways.  It breaks down concepts so children understand how and why operations work instead of just following the directions to get the answers.  My girls can do mental math so much better than I ever could and it’s not because they love math, it’s because of how this curriculum teaches math concepts.

A review of our favorite math curriculum - Math Mammoth!

Math Mammoth Cost

I also love Math Mammoth because of the cost savings.  The light blue series (arranged by grade level) worktexts are available on Amazon for about $15 per book.  But even better, you can get all seven levels on CD from Rainbow Resource for around $100.  That is an amazing price for all your elementary (through 7th grade) math for all your children!  You do have to pay for paper and ink, but overall, it’s still a great deal.  There are also videos available put together by the author of the Math Mammoth curriculum that are really helpful for teaching.

Mastery, Spiraling, and Extra Practice

Math Mammoth is mostly a mastery curriculum, but it can definitely be spiraled to some extent.  Each lesson has more than enough problems to teach and practice the concept.  We usually skip a few of those problems and if we needed a spiraling curriculum, we could go back and use those skipped problems as practice.  There are also cumulative reviews of each chapter available for use as needed.

What My Kids Think

My girls are both very different.  One is an analytical thinker and the other is a dreamer.  My analytical thinker LOVES Math Mammoth.  She enjoys the challenge and after a lesson is explained, usually proclaims, “This is easy!”  My dreamer doesn’t love it, but honestly, I don’t think she would be thrilled with any math program.  Even though it isn’t her favorite thing, she still does really well with it and has shown a huge amount of growth over the past year.

I would be remiss if I left out the glowing reviews I’ve heard from others about Math Mammoth.  Like I said before, I’m not a math expert, so I didn’t really know what a gem I’d found.  However, I’ve spoken to multiple other homeschool moms (one who has her degree in math education) who have praised the Math Mammoth program.  It is incredibly thorough and fills gaps that other curriculum leaves.  I’m so glad to have found this curriculum at such an early age and to have something we can stick with.

I am not being compensated in any way to write this review, I just hope it helps someone who is searching for a curriculum that works for their child!


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  1. Abbygail Mendoza says:

    Thanks for the review! I have the same dynamic for my girls- 1 (will- she’s just starting) gets math easily (like her mom) and my 9 year old struggles (like her dad). I’ve looked at ALLLL the math curriculums and have ordered about half of them but they have all been spiral and my oldest I think get overwhelmed. We have also been using Horizons which is a little advanced so hard to find the right level. I watched a few of the videos and it was like she was explaining what I just do naturally! So I don’t feel bad having her relearn some info in a new way.

    PS…glad you are back to blogging! I’ve got 4 as well and some days it is 7pm before I sit down for a “10 minute break” 🙂

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