About Jessica

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First off, I’m a child of God.  He loves me more than I could ever imagine and that is what gives me any worth I have.  Nothing I can do, or say, or make, or be is of any importance compared to that.

My daughters disagree.  They think I’m important because I’m Mommy.  I can kiss their owies, make their meals, and give them anything they need.  I hope to someday be important to them because I help to lead them to a personal relationship with Jesus.

 My husband is also a huge part of my life.  He works so hard for our little family and it is his hard work that enables me to stay home with my little girls.  I know that God brought us together because we are so perfect for each other.

 Apart from God and my family, I also love doing crafty thing like scrap-booking and painting.  I also love photography.  Capturing a moment in time is a passion for me.  Hence Faith in Focus Photography.  I also love music.  Singing in choir is one of my favorite things to do.  I play guitar and am attempting to learn to play piano.  (Although at 28, I think I might be getting too old!)  I also love to teach.  I taught 5th grade for two years before having my first child and plan to use my teaching skills to homeschool my children soon.  Hopefully, as you read my blog, you’ll find out more about me and I can learn something from you!