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Is your child Kindergarten Ready?  

Starting kindergarten is one of the biggest moments of your child’s early childhood.  In preschool, life was mostly play.  In kindergarten, life will begin to turn toward traditional learning.  Under a good teacher, learning will be active and fun, but no matter the teacher, traditional “school” is on the horizon.  Kindergarten starts the path of elementary school.  Tests, homework, reading, writing…it all begins with kindergarten. Do you have a four year old who is going into kindergarten this year?  Are you confident that they’re ready?  Do you wonder if there are a few skills he or she may be missing or may need a little more practice on?  Are you just looking for a way to spend some extra time with your child before they head off to kindergarten?

Then it’s time to get Kindergarten Ready!

“Kindergarten Ready in 30 Days” is an eBook that outlines many of the concepts your child should be comfortable using as they enter kindergarten.  It gives you, as the parent, ideas for creative activities to teach or review these concepts with your child. Inside “Kindergarten Ready in 30 Days”, you will find:

  • A 30 day plan which includes over 40 activities to do with your child
  • A well thought out structure for review and retention
  • 36 Pages of printables
  • Plan outlines for children who are on track and children who may need a little more practice
  • An additional resources list to help you find more printables, eBooks, and activities for your child

“Kindergarten Ready in 30 Days” is a FUN way to spend time with your child before they begin more formal schooling.  The activities inside are active, engaging, and enjoyable.

Purchase “Kindergarten Ready in 30 Days” now for just $5.99

Author Credentials:

Jessica has been teaching in one way or another for over ten years.  During high school and her early college years, she taught preschool during the summer.  Her college degree is Elementary Education and during her time in school, she had experience with first through sixth grade.  She landed a job teaching fifth grade, but she never forgot her love for teaching preschool.  After two years of teaching, she had her first child and became a stay-at-home mom.  That first child is now four years old and was the inspiration for this book.  

In writing “Kindergarten Ready in 30 Days”, Jessica revisited the ideas, lessons, and activities of her preschool-teaching days.  She hopes you enjoy using this book as much as she enjoyed writing it.