31 Days of Easy Crafts for Kids

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The internet is full of crafts for kids.  Search “easy crafts for kids” on Pinterest and you’ll end up with hundreds or even thousands of pins.  Many of them are fantastic ideas!  I have several boards dedicated to different crafty things.  I’ll bet if you’re here, you do to!  But how many of them have you actually done?  Um…ten?  Two?  …zero…?  Yeah…me too.  So, when I ran across the 31 Day blogging challenge, I decided to take this opportunity DO some of those crafts with my kids and blog about them!

Simple. Well organized. FUN and EASY crafts for kids for 31 Days!  Come join me!  | candleinthenight.com

Not only will I be reporting what craft we’ve done, I’ll also be making these crafts easier for YOU to do with your kids!  In each post, you’ll find information to make doing these crafts with your own kids even easier!  Written clear and concise, you’ll find the following:

  • Supply list
  • Preparation instructions
  • Preparation time
  • Project time
  • Project cost (Written as a number of dollar signs.  $=cheap, $$=more than what you just have at home, $$$=you’ll probably need to buy a lot for the project)
  • Amount of parental involvement
  • Step by step instructions

My hope is that throughout these 31 days, I’ll have a great time with my kids and YOU will be encouraged to get crafty with yours!  Come back each day to see the newest post!

Day 1: Handprint Turkeys
Day 2: Friendship Bracelets
Day 3: Rocket Ship
Day 4: Maracas
Day 5: Kazoos
Day 6: Must Have Supplies for a Kid’s Craft Kit
Day 7: Drum
Day 8: Indian Corn
Day 9: Fall Tree
Day 10: Coffee Filter Designs
Day 11: Resurrection Cross
Day 12: Cross at Sunrise
Day 13: 6 Paper Crafts
Day 14: Finger Paint Cross
Day 15: Scarecrow
Day 16: Refrigerator Picture Frame
Day 17: Coffee Filter Scarecrow
Day 18: Growth Chart
Day 19: Paper Basket
Day 20: Craft Supplies on a Budget
Day 21: Glitter Pine Cones
Day 22: Pine Cone Penguins
Day 23: Painting Pine Cones
Day 24: Yarn Pine Cones
Day 25: Pom Pom Pine Cones
Day 26: Pine Cone Owls
Day 27: 15 Pine Cone Craft Ideas
Day 28: Family Handprint Christmas Tree
Day 29: Fingerprint Christmas Lights
Day 30: Handprint Christmas Tree Ornament
Day 31: Candy Cane Ornament